First Row Left to Right: 
Harold Jones - Sheriff of Copiah County; Elise Munn - County Attorney; Terry Channell - Supervisor District 2; Hon. Vicki B. Ramsey - Justice Court Judge; Edna Stevens - Circuit Clerk; Hon. Lillie V. McKenzie - Justice Court Judge; April Hollaway - Tax Collector.

Second Row Left to Right:  Ellis Stuart - County Coroner; Steve Amos - Chancery Clerk; Kenneth Powell - Supervisor District 4; Perry Hood - Supervisor District 3; Jimmy Phillips - Supervisor District 5; Earl Dixon - Supervisor District 1.

Third Row Left to Right:  Hon. Ed Patten - Chancery Court Judge; Todd Mooney - Tax Assessor; Ronnie Barlow - County Administrator.


P.O. Box 551
Hazlehurst, MS  39083
Telephone: (601) 894-1858
Fax: (601)  894-1908


Earl Dixon
Supervisor, District One

 Terry Channell
Supervisor, District Two

 Perry Hood
Supervisor, District Three

 Kenneth Powell
Supervisor, District Four

 Jimmy Phillips
Supervisor, District Five

Ronnie Barlow
County Administrator

Sandra Sullivan

Brandi Seale
Purchase Clerk

Joa Williams
Accounts Payable Clerk/
Inventory Clerk


Mary J. Harris
Receiving Clerk/
Solid Waste Clerk


The Board of Supervisors are responsible for setting policies and procedures and overseeing the county's finances with regard to levying necessary taxes as authorized by stature to carry out the function of the county.  They have the power to adopt orders, resolutions, and ordinances with respect to county affairs, property, and finances without the existence of or reference of any specific authority granted in any other stature or law of the state.  The Boards of Supervisors have within their respective counties full jurisdiction over roads, ferries, bridges, and the power to levy taxes as may be necessary to keep in good repair.

The County Administrator is hired by the Board of Supervisors and is responsible for carrying out the policies adopted by the board; prepares the budget for consideration by the Board; prepares the tax levy, and performs any and all administrative duties that the board could legally perform themselves.

The Comptroller is responsible for payroll and all related records; also, for insurance and workman's compensation.

The purchase Clerk is responsible for procuring supplies for county use in accordance with purchase procedures set by statute.

The Accounts Payable Clerk is responsible for docket of payment to county vendors/Inventory Clerk is responsible for tagging and managing county assets.

The Receiving clerk receives and records purchases made by the county.  The Solid Waste Clerk is responsible for quarterly billing of solid waste accounts and receiving of payments.