P.O. Box 730
100 Caldwell Drive
Hazlehurst, Mississippi  39083
Telephone: (601) 894-2721
Fax:  (601) 894-3026


  Todd Mooney
Tax Assessor
Email: tmooney@copiahcountyms.gov


 Pam Hudson
Deputy Assessor

Lisa Chandler
Deputy Assessor

Shelton Rogers
County Appraiser


Sidney "Tuffy" Thompson III
County Appraiser




The Tax Assessor's office appraises all land and buildings and other permanent improvements that contribute value to the land.  Applications for homestead exemption are filed in the assessor's office, beginning on the first working day of January through April 1st.  The tax assessor's office is also responsible for appraising all furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, and inventory used in business operations.  Mobile homes are also registered in this office.


First working day in January - Begin accepting New Homestead Exemption Applications or making changes to existing applications.

February 1 - Last day to pay real estate, personal property, and mobile home taxes without a late fee.

April 1 - Last day to file for homestead exemption.

April 1 - Last day for businesses to file personal property renditions.

Last Monday in August - Property tax sale of all delinquent accounts.

October 1 - New millage rates go into effect.

Middle of December - Begin collecting real and personal property taxes.



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