P.O. Box 705
Hazlehurst, Mississippi  39083
Telephone: (601) 894-2732
Fax:  (601) 894-


  April Holloway
Tax Collector
Email: taxcollector@copiahcountyms.gov

Email: april@copiahcountyms.gov

 Melinda Terrell
Deputy Collector
Email: mterrell@copiahcountyms.gov

 Kay Parks
Deputy Collector

Chiquita Sandifer
Deputy Collector

Linda Thurman
Deputy Collector/Bookkeeper

Christine Barlow
Deputy Collector/Assessor
Email: cbarlow@copiahcountyms.gov


Collect taxes on all property, both real and personal, in the county.  Also, collect taxes on all motor vehicles and mobile homes.  Distribute collections to various municipalities and schools.